School Enterprise Challenge 2012 results!

We are very excited to announce the winners of the School Enterprise Challenge 2012! 

Congratulations to all the schools, teachers and students that took part in the 2012 competition. Over 800 schools from over 40 different countries took part in the competition, launching businesses as diverse as organic beekeeping to environmentally friendly arts and crafts. Prizes are awarded at global, regional and country levels. 

Click here for a full list of winning schools and read below for a summary of the top winners !

Top Global Prize - $5000

The Top Global Prize has been awarded to DLF Public School in Delhi, India. The students run their own school-based environmentally friendly arts and crafts business, where they used natural and recycled materials. The students wanted to use the business to help their community, and therefore donated 50% of their initial profits to charity. In the future the students plan to expand the business by involving more students and selling products wholesale to local shops. 

'People' Prize - $2500

The 'People' Prize has been awarded to Vidyadhiraja High School in Mumbai, India. The school started its own student-led enterprise makingagarbatti, Indian incense . The business fits the ‘People’ criteria because the students chose to act as entrepreneurial ambassadors for their community, giving workshops to underprivileged women and using profits from the business to buy a manufacturing machine to donate to the special educational cell.

'Profit' Prize - $2500

The 'Profit' Prize has been awarded to Indeco Community School from Zambia. This year students and teachers started a chicken rearing business whilst expanding their tailoring enterprise they launched in 2011. The combined businesses generated a profit of $27,000 in 2012, which has allowed the school to employ nine full-time members of staff, and employ other local people during busy periods. The students and teachers have used their experience to provide training and motivational workshops for others

'Planet' Prize - $2500

The 'Planet' Prize has been awarded to Ilowala Secondary School from Tanzania. The school started an organic beekeeping enterprise to produce honey. Beekeeping has helped the local environment by increasing crop productivity on local farms and therefore reducing damage to local forest. The teachers used the business to enhance learning by relating it to topics learnt in the classroom. 

Global Business Plan Prize - $2000

The 'Global Business Plan Prize' has been awarded to Stand Tall Training Centre in Uganda. They wrote an excellent business plan for a poultry and eggs business. The students and teachers at thiscentre for vulnerable children in Kampala planned to  make the best of existing resources at their school in order to set up the business, and conducted comprehensive market research to ensure it’s success.

Prizes were also awarded at regional and country level. Click here for the full list and school profiles. 

We would like to congratulate all schools, students and teachers who participated in this year’s competition. We received so many fantastic ideas and brilliant business plans, and are pleased that so many schools managed to launch their businesses successfully! 

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