Rwanda: Remi Patrick, Flying High

One of the 70 scholarship students at Ahazaza Independent School, Remi Patrick receives top marks for his Academic performance. He joined Ahazaza about 4 years ago and since then he does the 30-minute walk to school from his mud house in Gahogo where he lives with his mother, father, aunt and siblings.

His favourite subjects are Mathematics and Science mainly because he finds them simple and he wishes to know more about the human body and how it works.

Patrick wants to go to University to study Technology and tells us that he would like to be a pilot when he is older:


‘Because I want to go to other countries and I like to drive, even my bike I like to drive’


When at home on school break, Patrick washes his clothes and shoes, and plays football. He is a big Manchester United fan and Wayne Rooney is his favourite player.

This weekend in its brand new Multipurpose Hall, Ahazaza will start charging and screening football games part of its income-generating project. Patrick states he will come to see the English and Spanish matches, as these are the ones he finds more interesting. But he has also come up with his own suggestions on what the school should offer part of its multipurpose hall project:


‘ We should show comedy films, cartoons for children, and create events for the dancing troop of the school to show to visitors what we can do’


In Primary 3, Patrick joined the Drums and Inhore dancing troop at Ahazaza Independent School. It is something that he enjoys doing with his friends and that he is very good at.  However for Patrick being at Ahazaza means much more than the performance arts experiences he has, Patrick enjoys studying at this particular school because: ‘ we study many lessons, we have materials and we have many things to play - its not like in other schools’.

When asked what he wishes people to know about him, Patrick answered:


‘ I want people to know that I know how to play football, I know how to drum and dance, and that I am a good student in my class’ 

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