Rwanda: Onwards and Upwards!

There’s lots of news to report from Ahazaza Independent School this month! As the first term begins to draw to a close, the projects are in full flow and students are sitting their end term exams as we speak. They’ve all been revising hard so fingers crossed everyone will be happy with their results.


The school shop is growing everyday with the addition of new products which are proving very popular with the students. In addition the multipurpose hall is going from strength to strength, this weekend saw another wedding take place on the grounds, this time utilising the playground as a space for THREE marquees. The event was a great success and will hopefully spread the word about the great facilities Ahazaza has to offer.


The Easter holidays also stand to bring some new learning opportunities, the Student Entrepreneurship Club has been instrumental in organising a film programme for students to enjoy during their break. As many of the pupils spend time at the school in the holidays attending extra classes and playing football we thought it would be a nice break to enjoy some films in the afternoon. The Club have been a great help by carrying out the necessary market research amongst other school students as well as creating promotional posters for all the screenings.


To add to the good news next month the Institut Francais of Rwanda will hold its first pop up cinema event at the school, we have high hopes for its success and we will be sure to promote our school shop products as well as selling lots of popcorn, fingers crossed!


Excitement has been running high especially in the build up to the end of term football match between the staff and students. The event drew a huge crowd (mostly cheering for their fellow students) along with a high standard of football to boot. Unfortunately despite the best efforts of the crowd the teachers were victorious with 3 goals to 0, mainly due to the expert goalkeeping skills of Senior 1 teacher David Jesero. Hats of the umpire Cyiza Aubin who didn’t hesitate in showing either side who was really in charge!


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