Rwanda: Moving Forward

2012 started well for Ahazaza Independent School, Primary 6 national exams results came out and guess what? Ahazaza ranked 14 out of 2400 schools in Rwanda! Academically our pupils are performing and achieving the high goals the school sets for them, all thanks to the dedication of our teachers and our partners. The school will keep aiming high and perhaps one day you will see Ahazaza at the top, who knows!

On the last Friday of January, we had the first meeting of our Student Entrepreneurship Club. About 20 pupils from P5 and P6 joined in for the meeting where Tony Inganji was elected President of the club for 2012. In this meeting pupils identified school businesses and got acquainted with the basic vision of the school with regards to entrepreneurship. They also brainstormed on the characteristics of an entrepreneur and created a poster so that everytime they meet they can add to it or at least remind themselves of what they are working towards. They also showed interested in getting involved with the managing of our school shop…

Yes a school shop! This income-generating project that we launched at the beginning of this year is proving quite successful amongst the staff and students with sales steadily increasing day by day. In charge of the management of the shop is Agnes, a kindergarten teacher who found herself this year with an incomplete schedule and therefore joined this project. It was agreed that Francine, one of the cleaners/guards of the school would be given a trial period to see if she could be the attendant at the shop. Francine is not able to neither read nor write, but in two weeks she already knows how to write stock and sales and input the values of cash in and cash out, everything is possible!

Last piece of news is on our multipurpose hall. We managed to start the football screenings of premier league matches. The goal was to get potential customers to at least visit the hall and see how our venue is superior to others in town. For this reason the entry fee was low. We got a lot of interest and the staff went around requesting the customers for input on how to improve our service, which was very much appreciated by the customers and resulted in a lot of good free ideas for us!

Although a lot was accomplished this month definitely not all went smoothly, and we learnt a lot along the way. The attitude is to always transform the negative into positive: learn from your mistakes, we are trying to improve by learning from ours!

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