Rwanda: to the Future…

It was about 3 months ago that TAMTF arrived at Ahazaza Independent School. Ahazaza, meaning the 'Future' in Kinyarwanda, is an initiative of a small group of residents of Muhanga District that aims to provide quality education to children in a rural area. 

In order to reach the goal of self-sufficiency, the school is focusing on a multipurpose hall, that is close to completion, to create an Event/Conference Centre, providing services for the students and the community in general.  The aim is not only to generate income to cover the running costs of the school, but also to create an educational and cultural hub in Muhanga.

Everyone is working very hard to get the new multipurpose hall up and running, work is set to finish by the end of this year if all goes according to plan. All the audio-visual equipment is installed and, slowly but surely, we will get all the other necessary items for the launch event set for 2012!

At the same time, in a partnership with the National University of Rwanda Centre for Arts, Ahazaza School pupils have been participating in performing arts workshops part of the school’s holiday programme. The objective is two folded: introducing more traditional arts in the school curricula and also getting the pupils ready to create their own performances and lead the way in the income generating project. Let me tell you it has been fun! Although my drumming skills are controversial, let’s just say I do not think they will be inviting me to perform…

TAMTF is very excited about the partnership with Ahazaza School. The students and staff show a desire to succeed and we will do our best to help them achieve their goals!

Ahazaza Independent School: bringing education and culture to the heart of Muhanga. Watch this space…

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