Rwanda: Cyiza Aubin an IT Mogul in the making?


An example to his peers, Cyiza joined Ahazaza in 2006 when it first opened. Since then he has been top of his class, having also excelled in all performance arts activities. He tells us that it did not all come naturally: 

“ I was not very good at drumming or Intore dancing but during Primary 3 I practiced and said to myself: I want to be better...and now I am!’

Cyiza is 13 years old and studies in Primary 6. He lives in Rutenga, Muhanga District, about 20 minutes walk from school, in a mud house with his mother and four siblings. Living there allows them to grow their own vegetables and keep livestock, as for example goats.

Cyiza’s favourite subject is Math, as he likes to ‘do calculations and solve problems’. He wishes to pursue further education after leaving Ahazaza to be a computer engineer. He tells us:

“ I like to discover more about computers. My mother could not get someone to teach me so one day my sister brought a computer home and I started teaching myself, discovering…So now I know something”

Fortunately as the school businesses, set up with help from Teach A Man To Fish, will soon start Cyiza will have access to Ahazaza’s own Internet Café/IT Training Centre.

By way of helping run the Centre, Cyiza and other students at Ahazaza will have the chance to learn how to use computers. Once the students have gained enough exposure to effectively provide computer services they can be responsible to hold group-training sessions for community members.

However, Cyiza wishes to participate in the other income generating projects as well, as he feels he could benefit from it and also contribute somehow. As a student, Cyiza is very committed to Ahazaza and understands that for Ahazaza to be able to develop and sustain itself these businesses will be essential.  Through his words below we get to see how much he is taking out of this educational experience at Ahazaza Independent School:

‘I like studying at Ahazaza because I learn 3 languages (French, Kinyarwanda and English), in other schools they don’t offer this. Also I like that we do not only do theory but also practice. Many times we are asked to do research and then present, I think that is a good way of learning!’

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