The rain subsides and the roof gets built!

Wednesday, August 12, 2009 —  It has been a very busy and productive week. The rain I think, has finished as we haven’t seen any now for almost two weeks and the road to Ondati from Homer Bay is very useable. Myself and Justus went to the nearby centre to buy the materials for the roof [45 iron sheets, fifty wooden planks and a bag of nine-inch nails]. The builders we employed to build the roof were excellent and the job was finished within four days. A slight problem was that the estimate for the number of iron sheets was a little low and we ran out and were five short! This is not too much of a problem as we will continue using the primary school building for the foreseeable future. I will collect the extra sheets when I next head back to Kisumu. But overall I am extremely happy that, with a roof on, the school now resembles a school!

In addition, the grain store business has taken a positive turn. The committee has decided to create a temporary [18month] grain store within the confines of the primary school. A disused, but fairly new chicken hutch has had its walls reinforced at the cost of 1000ksh. This is very good news, as we need to buy the grain soon [the price is lowest now as people are harvesting] and building a new one would have taken us too long. I am very confident that the grain store will not only create an [almost immediate] source of income for the school, making a large contribution to the attainment of self-sufficiency, but also, and just as importantly, provide the local community with a cheap local food market. The building itself is secure, fenced in, locked and because it is within the perimeter of the primary school, it benefits from a night watchman.

Without my knowing, the local community and the committee of the primary school got together to discuss using a little of the leftover money form the primary school budget to purchase books for the secondary school. This is positive, not only in regard to reducing costs of the school, but it also shows how the local community and primary school committee are getting behind the project. All the students, and their parents, continue to be very supportive of the project and plenty of people I have spoken to have said that they wish to send their own daughters to the school for the start of the next school year in January!

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