Piglets are on their way!

Sunday, July 12, 2009- The big news from this week is that three of the pigs in the Send a Piglet Home Project are now pregnant! This means that in four months time they will give birth and be able to pass on a piglet to another student for the project to begin again. Preparations will now be started for selecting the new beneficiaries and getting them ready to receive a new addition to their family. The students will prepare a presentation for the new beneficiaries so they can share with them their new found pig rearing skills and experiences.

I met up with two students this week, Susan and Michael, who have agreed to talk to me to tell me a bit about themselves and their lives here in Makondo. We want to discover what makes them who they are – family, friends, hopes, dreams and fears and how they see their future here in Uganda, or indeed beyond. It is hoped that we will be able to meet again in a few years time to find out what they are doing and what impact attending a TAMTF school has had on their lives. I will go to visit and chat to them and their families at the weekend with one of their teachers, John.

We were also joined by some visitors from America, who were welcomed with yet another superb performance from the students. The visitors are from a charity called United Children’s Fund who first visited St Denis years ago. They will be visiting the school and community for the next few weeks.

The American charity, Into Your Hands, who TAMTF is partnering with on this project, has recently set up a branch here in Makondo. IYH America already provides massive support for the school and sponsors several students. The branch in Uganda will consist of 3 staff who will work with the staff at St Denis in managing and monitoring the projects. I have been getting ready to meet the new staff and introduce them to the TAMTF model and to tell them about the school projects.

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