Obama is born

 Thursday, July 30, 2009— I was somewhat disappointed to find that in my absence the work on the school building had not been finished. The linten was put on the walls, but the gables were not built as had been agreed. This is extremely frustrating as the rain has stopped, the road is passable, and I had hoped that the material for the roof could be brought from Homer Bay this week. We did get the gables finished by Wednesday, but it would take a further five days to dry; effectively this delayed us by another week.

The committee has identified a four-acre field that we can use to grow the napier grass that we need for feeding the cattle. The field has to be ploughed, laid fallow, ploughed again and then ridged for sowing by the time the short rains come again in October. The grass grows quickly and can be harvested 3 months later, hopefully allowing us to start the dairy farm business by January.

The rains have carried on far longer than normal, however they look like they may have stopped now. This has created a great deal of difficulties on the farms, which are all go now. Harvesting is happening at pace, and the local markets are awash with maize, groundnuts and papayas.
The cattle, not to be outdone, are also making their presence felt. Three new calves were born this week. The first, predictably, was named Barack Obama, but not only was the second calf named after me but I was given the honour of naming the third. An opportunity not to be missed I thought, and one I took full advantage of. Joshua was a little confused by my choice, but I am happy that now, forevermore, I can imagine myself in a field in western Kenya chewing the cud with the US president and Captain Beefheart.

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