Nicaragua: student Wilmer Paz wins scholarship to the Earth University in Costa Rica


We are proud to announce that one of this year’s graduates from La Bastilla Agricultural Technical High School in Nicaragua, Wilmer Paz, has been awarded a full scholarship to attend the prestigious EARTH University in Costa Rica.

Wilmer is from the small community of Mancotal in Jinotega, northern Nicaragua, and joined La Bastilla School in 2010 after deciding that he wanted to become an agronomist. At La Bastilla School students complete their secondary school certificate or bachillerato as well as a technical qualification in agro-business. An important part of the education offered at La Bastilla is “learning by doing” - the practical experience which students gain in the school’s micro-enterprises, and an emphasis on entrepreneurship and making money - “learning for earning”.   

Photo: Felicidades Wilmer! Tiene una beca completa para asistir a la EARTH en el 2013. Gracias a nuestros huéspedes que apoyan a nuestros estudiantes para que salgan adelante y mejoren sus vidas!

Wilmer credits his teachers with inspiring him and “not only passing on their scientific and technical knowledge but also teaching us the values necessary to be successful in life”.  Wilmer will be studying Agricultural Sciences & Natural Resources at the EARTH University – he is excited to travel abroad for the first time and make new friends in Costa Rica. In the future he hopes to start a project to give technical assistance to small producers in the Jinotega area and thinks that young people need to be more entrepreneurial and ambitious and “want more than they currently have and strive to achieve their full potential” while still remaining committed to their families and local communities.  

We wish Wilmer every success at university and will bring you more updates about his progress during the academic year.  

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