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Wednesday, 27th October 2010

These last couple of months have been relatively quiet here at La Bastilla compared to previous months, mostly due to the Independence Day and subsequent school holidays in the middle of September.   In the week leading up to Independence Day on 16th September, each year group at the technical school led and organised the morning’s school assembly, including performances by the teachers, culminating in a procession involving all 211 students from both the technical and primary and regular secondary school through Las Colinas community.


During the September holidays two teachers from the technical school and three from the primary and regular secondary school at La Bastilla received training in Spain with La Fundación Escuela Andaluza de Economía Social (FEAES – the Foundation of the Andalusian School for Social Economics) on interactive teaching methodologies involving business concepts and teaching students to work as a team.  Other than proving extremely worthwhile for the teachers on a professional level, for four out of the five of the teachers, it was the first time they had left Nicaragua, and the first time all five had been outside of Central America.  Hence, they were all appreciative of the opportunity to expand their horizons both professionally and personally.

You may remember reading about the bright students at La Bastilla a few blogs ago.  Well, they still keep on impressing.  For the second year in a row one of our students has won the Municipal Oratory competition run by Emprendedores Juveniles and gone onto winning a spanking new laptop for being runner-up at the national stage of the competition.  This year the brilliant student in question was Denis Martin Blandón Rizo, a seventeen year-old Second Year student from Los Robles in Jinotega.  We are all obviously very proud of him.


Before I go, as promised, I just wanted to keep you updated about the construction of the new school.  Up until October there had been hardly any progress since the grant was awarded in July, due problems with suppliers and contractors, adverse weather, and difficulties transporting the materials along the poor roads in the nature reserve.  However, the first bricks were finally laid at the start of October and since then the construction has been moving at full speed, with the roofs of each of the buildings almost completed.  Though it is still highly unlikely that the school will be finished by the original deadline of 26th November, after losing all hope that I would see the finished article before I leave in January due to all the setbacks, with the recent progress I am a lot more optimistic.  Fingers crossed!                                                                                            


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