Nicaragua: April Buzz in La Bastilla

As usual La Bastilla has been buzzing with activity, literally and figuratively.  Among the high number and variety of insects, I’ve taken notice of the tremendous presence of cicadas that provide a constant soundtrack to our days here.  The students have also been buzzing about their first term exams and grades.  The results are in, and I’m proud to announce La Bastilla students scored an overall average of 88% after their first term.  Congratulations to the students, and to their parents, who will be here next week for parent –teacher meetings. 


The school businesses enjoyed lots of buzz as well. La Bastilla Ecolodge was at near capacity the entire week of Semana Santa!  Families from around the world spent their Holy Week vacations with us, and enjoyed the spectacular weather and serene beauty of our location.  Our tourism students worked day and night making sure our visitors enjoyed their stay, and many were introduced to arguably the greatest perk of working in the tourism industry – tips!  
   Agronomy class with Don Cesar                       
Our pig sty welcomed 13 new piglets to the family this month.  Sadly after 2 weeks only 3 are still alive. Renewed efforts are underway to pinpoint the reason for low survival in spite of the heating system installed in the sty last month. Will keep you posted on the outcomes!  In the chicken coop, students were trained on vaccinating over 1,000 chicks. In separate totally unrelated La Bastilla chicken news, I de-feathered 2 of our chickens for last Sunday lunch’s chicken soup.  Buzz in the cafeteria…Buena sopa!
In celebration of Earth Day, students from a nearby technical school in Jinotega spent the day with us.  Students participated in a peer exchange involving student talent, technical presentations, and a futbol tournament.  Of course La Bastilla won the match-up!  We hope to continue to the activity periodically throughout the year, and collaborate academically as well.
Sounds like May will be buzzing with activity as well. Will let you all know what I hear!   Saludos

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