Wednesday, 18 November 2009 —He all, two months have passed and it’s time again that I give you an update of what is going on here in Nicaragua. Things have been moving along quite a bit out here.

For one we have finished out restaurant dining area for the eco-lodge. It turned out much better than any of us could expect. The location is fantastic… on the side of a hill overlooking the valley and coffee plantations. An ideal place to sit, relax and contemplate the beauty of this region. We have had our first guests and a group that had a conference up there. All were delighted and very impressed by the service and location.

Furthermore, we have started the construction of the milking area. Although it construction started a bit later then planned we are well on our way and should have our first group of milk producing cows by December. We will start with 5 cows and slowly expand out herd to about 25 adults in about 2,5 years. This way we will be able to learn by doing and slowly expand our market for milk and create a market for processed produce. Adding value to primary products will provide our students a good insight how to make a business more profitable.

We have also changed our existing pigs. With improving the genetics of our group we expect to create more healthy piglets faster. This will help us reduce costs and increase the profits in this area. To involve the students in the marketing of this product we want to assign each student with a piglet which they have to sell in their communities.

Regarding the academic side of the story we have started a program of integration and community building between the local community, teachers, parents and of course our students. It is still in its early stages but we expect to be able to create a situation in which all noses are pointing in the same direction… improving the education of the future of Nicaragua.

Here in Nicaragua the school year is almost over. In two weeks the students have their last day of classes and they are off for two months. For us however the work does not stop. We are preparing for the new arrivals at the school. In December we are preparing for the entrance exams and in January there will be a couple of days where the potential students will have the chance to live a couple of days at the school to see if they will like it. From this group we will have to choose 20 that will form the new 1st year of the La Bastilla technical agricultural college.

Un Abrazo


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