News: Education That Pays For Itself 2011 - Registration Opens


News: Registration Opens for Education That Pays For Itself 2011

Education That Pays For Itself 2011, a unique international conference on financially sustainable education, will take place from the 25th to 27th of October 2011 at La Bastilla, Nicaragua.

La Bastilla Technical Agricultural High School, located close to the town of Jinotega, is this year’s conference host and runs a pioneering High School which serves several poor communities living in the rural north of Nicaragua.

Increasingly funded by its own business ventures which also serve to provide great learning opportunities for its students, La Bastilla is a great example of Education That Pays For Itself in practice.

This year's conference theme, “2011 Theme: Sustainable Education, Transforming Outcomes for Students” emphasizes the ultimate goal of all education – creating positive change for students - and yet an aim which is too often forgotten when schools measure their performance based on enrollment levels and exam pass rates.

For full details of the event including program, logisitics and registration infomration please visit the conference website, www.educationathatpaysforitself.org.

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