Nepal: Trout fishing in the Himalayas


We were told it was not possible. Then we were told that it was. Then we were told they could not be sure. After speaking to a senior fish specialist we are now a lot clearer that we still cannot be sure.

The cool conditions of Manang seem to be perfect for Rainbow Trout but a feasibility study would need to be undertaken to confirm whether the fish can survive. Unfortunately for us, we do not have the support of a wealthy Arabian sheik like Ewan McGregor who went Salmon fishing in the Yemen.

But we do have the enthusiasm to investigate new ventures such as Rainbow Trout which have not have been tried before in Manang and assess whether they can make a profit to support the college to become 100% sustainability. However, the most important aspect is that students gain a practical education and develop entrepreneurial skills.

As part of our market research we must also consider the impact of the new ‘road’! Within 3 months jeeps will begin to drive on the rough track to villages which are currently only accessible by a 4hr jeep ride and a day’s walk, and which are only frequented by people and mule. 

The road will mean greater accessibility for local communities but will no doubt impact upon tourism both positively and negatively and influence the pricing of the college’s goods and services in the future.

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