Nepal: School visits

After completing market research we continued to develop our understanding of the exisitng education system. This involved completing a survey of government schools in Manang to review the current challenges faced by teachers and students. In Pokhara and Kathmandu we visited  private schools to compare the quality and understand why parents in Manang choose to send their children to study outside the district.

There are large differences between government and private schools in Nepal and the quality between private schools also varies. Generally, private schools have better resources, higher qualified teachers and the school environment enables the students to express themselves and develop skills both during and after school.

We were lucky to visit Saraswati Adarsha Vidyashram private school in Pokhara  (above) who have signed up to the Teach a Man to Fish school enterprise challenge and were excited to incorporate practical learning in to school life by growing and selling organic vegetables.

We also visited Budhanil Kantha private school in Kathmandu, an innovative school which currently run 24 school businesses for the students to develop practical skills. The school has a separate building just for vocational education (below) and have also signed up to the challenge.

By visiting private schools, vocational colleges and meeting with government officials we were able to assess how vocational training could be best introduced in Manang. This information will be combined with the community research to ensure the future project is planned effectively.

We wish all the Nepal participants of the school enterprise challenge the best of luck! 

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