Nepal: Namaste from Nepal...

We've now settled in to our Himalayan home and the hard work has begun! Over the last 3 weeks we've been busy gathering market research and discussing the school project.



After various meetings we shortlisted potential businesses; a poultry farm, apple products, organic vegetables, fish and tourism (a bakery, cookery classes etc) which we will research further as well as secondary businesses such as honey, mushrooms and goats.

 Due to the climate here (very cold winters) one of the main concerns is whether livestock or vegetables will survive, when they should be sent to market etc - lots of food for thought.

One of the most successful days was when the community organised a district-wide meeting to discuss ideas for vocational education. This was a chance to share the potential ideas for the school- option A strengthen the existing school and create a new private school from grade 9 or option B create a new private vocational college offering practical education for the out of school/unemployed youth. Both options supported by the school businesses. Most preferred option B.

After lots of interesting feedback a school steering committee was elected (above) who will support the development of the school.

We are now continuing our research across Manang (lots of walking).

Goodbye for now.

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