Nepal: Conclusion of the research

Over the last weeks of the project we held meetings with government and the community to review our research and assess the best approach for the district. Initially, the college had appeared like the most suitable option as this would provide vocational training for the unemployed youth and tackle the current problem of high unemployment. However further consultation with the community demonstrated that the focus should be to develop the quality of education from a young age- creating a strong educational foundation for the district.

The greatest concern for the college was the low population of Manang and how to retain enough students in the long-term. It was important that the introduction of vocational education was both logistically possible and sustainable.

Back in Manang we visited Manang village (below) in the upper part of the district to discuss the project with local people to ensure that people across the district were included in the decision making process.

On return to lower Manang we updated the committee, teachers and government officials on our findings in Kathmandu and how this research could shape the project.

It was extremely important to address the needs of the community in the district but also to review what is possible, the strengths and limitations and how the project would be managed in the future. The meetings in Kathmandu enabled us to do just that and to create a more streamlined focus for the project.

As a result of the research we have concluded that the most suitable option is to develop the quality of the existing Gauri Shanker lower secondary government school and integrate a vocational curriculum gradually adding grade 9-12. The school will be supported by school businesses which will contribute to the running costs whilst enabling students to develop the essential practical skills for their future lives.

We thanked the community for their contributions throughout our research, said goodbye to the mountains and the community bid us farewell with lots of scarves!

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