Nepal: From an acorn will grow an oak tree

After the last few weeks of trekking the length and breadth of the Manang district we have finally completed our community research. 

This reason behind all this walking was not just to view the incredible views! We discussed the development of vocational education in the district and gathered information to ensure that the new college will be planned effectively and supported by the community.

The lower quality education and lack of resources in government schools means that most parents send their children to study in private schools outside of Manang. This impacts upon government schools as only students who cannot afford to study elsewhere attend the government schools which are then left with very few students.


When students complete their private study and return to Manang they lack the practical skills to get a job. This results in a large amount of young people who depend on irregular income such as agriculture whilst others leave Nepal to work in insecure jobs overseas.

The young people we spoke to all feel that a vocational college will provide them with an opportunity to develop strong practical skills and enable them to start their own businesses. Most importantly, they will be able to better support the development of their community.


Although we are at the beginning of an exciting process we are sure that from this small acorn will grow a much greater oak tree and one which will continue to sow the future seeds of education in Manang.

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