A lot of progress and a little Good Bye...

Saturday, March 20, 2010- Another month of great progress here at St. Denis. The construction work at the school is finished and our four businesses are ready for some serious profit:

The cow shelter has a concrete floor which will make sure our cows will stay dry during the coming rainy season. Also, there now is a fence which will hopefully stop our cows wandering off into places like the computer room again (see December Blog).

The Matooke plantation too is in a great shape. We have purchased additional tools which will enable the students to participate more in Matooke related activities. The great news for those two businesses is also that we finally managed to acquire more land for the school from Makondo parish. Therefore we will be able to extend the Matooke plantation and plant more elephant grass for our cows!

For the computer business our friends from IYH who are visiting St. Denis at the moment brought some good news too: IYH has decided to fund the relocation of the computer business to new premises in the neighbouring village. The funding will be provided for one year which will hopefully be enough time to make the new business profitable.

Our final business, the school supply shop, is ready to open: The shop has been constructed and will be opening for business next week! Students and staff are equally excited about this new service at the school and are keen to use it soon.

 Unfortunately my 6 months here at St. Denis have now come to an end. I really enjoyed the work and therefore I will be sad to leave Makondo this Sunday…

 But the bad news ends here: We found a fantastic replacement!Jamie Clearfield will from now on be the Project Officer at St. Denis. She is true East Africaexpert and I am confident she will do a great job!

Jamie and I spent the past 2 weeks working alongside each other to make sure she knows everything about the projects and procedures here at St. Denis. We also visited some of the Send a Piglet Home Beneficiaries – by now all pigs from the first distribution are pregnant and piglets from the second distribution are developing very well!

My time here ended with another arrival: Maria Camp from Into Your Hands, our partner NGO at St. Denis has arrived for a 2 weeks visit. After 6 months of communicating via email it was great to finally meet her.


IYH and TAMTF staff (Fr. Kasoma, Jamie, Maria Camp, Justine, Christina and James)

After a lovely leaving function for me and welcoming function for Jamie I am now set to go! I would like to take this opportunity to say thank you to the staff and students at St. Denis who always were so cooperative and fun to work with - I will miss you!

I also wish Jamie all the best for her year here at St. Denis. I am convinced that she will have a great and successful time!

Tusisikane! We will meet again!

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