Kenya - Market Excursion




The hard work of planting and weeding the pineapples at Ondati has been replaced with the more fun aspect of the business - sales! Last Friday members of the Pineapple Harvest Club travelled to Oria Market to try and sell the remaining pineapples.


 Apart from Church on a Sunday, the Friday Oria market is biggest social event of the week in the area and an excellent base to market the products on offer from the school. The students advertised Ondati and sold all of the pineapples they took in 15 minutes! Hopefully this is something the school can continue in future and involve he students as much as possible.



Unfortunately the school is to say goodbye to another volunteer. In 2 months at Ondati, Matthew Langdon has coped with the water shortages, lack of power and the bat infestation in the volunteer house. Yet the Field Officer’s cooking has finally proved too much for him and he will return to Canada at the end of March. During his time at Ondati he has helped develop the business workshop syllabus, built a more efficient stove for the kitchen (to make use of the many cow patties we have around the school!) and introduced his ‘mosquito catcher’ to the girls dorms. He has been a great help at Ondati and hopefully won’t take too long to make a return visit!






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