Kenya: Larqueen Ocampo

Larqueen milking cow

Larqueen Ocampo is 14 and currently in form 2. This is her first year at Ondati having moved to the area from Mombasa. I first became aware of her during a weekend game of football at Ondati where one of her ‘challenges’ (assault is a more accurate description!) ended my participation early and had me limping around Ondati for weeks after.

When she is not committing GBH on the football field she is regularly seen helping out in all of the businesses at Ondati, despite only being required to be a member of one business club.

Her favourite is the dairy, mostly because she has 7 cows at home and often passes on what she has learnt to her father. They previously did not bother spraying and vaccinating the cows because of the cost involved. Obviously this meant her families cows fell sick often, which meant more money would be spent on vet’s fees. She has since persuaded her father to slightly increase their expenditure in order to increase their milk yield. This involves spraying and vaccinating as well as giving supplements like dairy meal and salt lick. “We are starting to see the milk yield improve, in fact my father keeps telling me to come back with more tips from Ben (project coordinator)”.


She previously wanted to be a soldier when she was older but has since started researching schemes such as the government backed Women’s Enterprise Fund for help with start up costs for any future businesses she might start. Current ideas include a women’s football league and Fried Chicken shop. “I don’t want to go back to Mombasa as here I can receive more help in writing a business plan and acquiring the funds for my own business!”

Needless to say, her favourite hobby is football and her favourite food is fried chicken! 

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