Kenya: Internships and Beauty Salon Progress


Great news this month comes from our excellent relationship with Onyani Farm, who have agreed to offer internships at their dairy farm for up to three Form 4 graduates each year. Our girls now have nearly 4 years experience with exotic breeds and hopefully this opportunity with such a respected local institution will greatly enhance their future employability!




In the Beauty Salon, the members have been busy making jewellery such as earrings and bracelets to sell to Beauty Salon customers, if they haven’t all been bought by Ondati students first! The marketing team have continued advertising around the local towns. But we are still struggling with fitting in realistic hours for this to happen during the school day. We are however having an issue with potential customers arriving in the school day, when students are in class. Hopefully the fact that we can only operate at weekends won’t be too much of an effort for future customers.




Unfortunately the school will be saying goodbye to Steve Foreman who has been volunteering at the school this month. He has done an excellent job especially with helping teach academic classes and creating a dairy management manual, to advise us at Ondati as well as other schools!



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