Kenya: Field Trip

It has been an exciting month at for the students at Ondati Secondary school. 

The students who have achieved the most ‘stars’ (these are given after a student has performed very well in the school enterprises) were rewarded with an  educational field trip to the biggest business in the area, Sukari Sugar Factory in Riat. 

Here they learned about the process from buying sugar cane from local farmers towards the sugar that we all recognise. Students came back suggesting that the school started growing their own sugar cane, especially after they realised how much the factory pays local farmers per tonne of sugar cane! Show us your Business Plan girls!

The Beauty Salon market research finally wrapped up this month. 

The club members conducting competitor research and customer research in Ondati, Riat and Oria. After analysing the results the girls were very encouraged that most local women in our target age visit beauty salons during weekends. This bodes very well for us as realistically it is the only time we will be able to offer this service.

Unlike other businesses at Ondati, this will be totally managed by the students. They will elect their own cashiers; they have been trained on accounting procedures and have developed a hand over procedure to the school!

Next month we plan on getting the students involved in a creating a mural at the school to thank the community for their help and celebrate the fact that we will be having our first graduates very soon. Not bad considering only 3 years ago this area was just a field!



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