Kenya-Easter Break


It is a recurring joke at Ondati that the laws of biology do not apply here as our cows seem only able to produce bulls. All four of our cows are now pregnant and everybody is expecting another four bull calves! As interesting as this is, a bull is not much use to a dairy business and the school has been trying to find a buyer for some of our bulls for quite some time. The Ayeshire breed of cows we have had Ondati are an exotic breed in Kenya and many local farmers are wary, which means that selling the bulls has been harder than first imagined.So last Friday the school took one of our bulls, David to the cattle market at Oria with members of the Dairy Club.

The Oria cattle market is not for the faint hearted, a thriving bear pit where alpha males bluff, counter-bluff and downright intimidate there way to getting the best deal. Despite this, the girls more than held their own and with the help of the Project Coordinator managed to sell the bull for Ksh 11,000. Very good job considering it was their first time!


The school has now closed for Easter break and will reopen on May 8th. Hopefully by then the school will be closer to having a Board of Governors!

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