Kenya-Drama at Ondati!


It has been all hands on deck for the volunteers at Ondati Secondary in Kenya recently. Matthew Langdon has been putting his Tree Nursery Experience to good use in Ondati’s own tree nursery business. Advising the girls on shaping the plants up in order to sell off and also to plant fruit trees around Ondati to give the place some much needed shade!


Milly has busied herself by taking over the girls life skills classes and introducing more female empowerment issues into the curriculum, an issue which is still somewhat lacking in rural Kenya! Also, a drama club was set up and in less than 3 weeks gave their first performance of ‘The Rateng ti Village’. She also arranged an afterschool jewellery making class – something that the girls did not need too much persuading in order to join up!



The biggest news at Ondati is (as ever) is to do with cows. One of our Ayeshire breed cows, Monica is now pregnant! We are hoping for a cow to add to our milk yield, yet it appears the laws of nature do not apply at Ondati, we have now had six bull calves in a row!


Next month we are expecting more pineapples to be ready for harvesting and should give the girls an exciting opportunity to travel to local markets and gain first hand experience in sales. 


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