Kenya: Beauty Salon Crisis!

Mercifully, the Easter Break has finally ended which means there are now people at Ondati who I can talk to, rather than cows.


It is helpful that the girls have returned excited that this will be the term that the Beauty Salon can finally get up and running. The old staff room is being converted to use as a base for the salon and the marketing team have been busy developing flyers and distributing amongst the community.



 However there was confusion this month that the Ministry of Education in Kenya had outlawed hair braiding in schools, which would effectively take away 50% of our target market! The situation became so intense that we eventually had to visit the District Education Officer for some guidance. Thankfully he assured us that the Ministry has no position on hair braiding (perhaps they are more concerned with insignificant things such as setting exams!) and gave the thumbs up for the Beauty Salon to go ahead. Hopefully by the next entry we will have news about the start of this business- it has been a long wait!  




The school is also excited to welcome our latest volunteer Stephen Foreman who will be staying for us for 5 weeks….fingers crossed he likes ugali!

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