Kenya: Akeyo's Story


Linet  Akeyo Owiti is 14 years old and lives with her family just near Riat, a small centre about a 30 minute walk  from Ondati. Riat is rapidly growing with the opening of a new sugar factory in the area.  Her father runs a small shop here which sells sodas, some cooked food and also offers the MPESA money transfer service. Akeyo started Form 1 at Ondati Girls Secondary School at the beginning of 2011 and will graduate in 2014. She is a strong student coming in 16th position out of 49 girls in Form 1 during the end of year exams.  She pointed out that in the previous set of exams she had in fact been in 10th position so is determined to reclaim her higher position next term. 

1) Why did you choose Ondati Secondary School?

"Because I’ve been hearing that Ondati has people learning different skills even to start and manage a business."

2) Are you happy with the education you’re receiving at Ondati? What about your teachers?

“Yes because in Ondati we learn different things that can help us in the future. They teach us well. Mr. Kawino teaches us business very well so that all the students in the class can understand. This year we have studied office practice, entrepreneurship and home trade.”

Linet’s favourite subjects are agriculture and business.  She gets the best grades in business.  In the last set of exams she received an A- in business studies. 

3) Which project group are you in? 

“I’m in Dairy.”

What have you learned in this group? 

“We learn o to keep livestock healthy and how to give them a balanced diet.”

How many stars did you receive in term 3?

“I received 12 stars.”

Did you get a reward for receiving 12 stars?

“Yes I went to Oyani Livestock Farm with other students who received 11 stars or more.  I enjoyed it very much. In Oyani when we compared with Ondati, we have seen the areas where we are weak to improve to be like Oyani Farm. At Oyani, they teach us how to maintain healthy livestock and how to feed the calves.”

Would you like to continue in the dairy group next year?


Do you think the projects are good for the school? Why?

“The projects are necessary because they create income.”


4) Your father runs a business in Riat doesn’t he?

“Yes he does.  It’s a type of shop which sells sodas and you can get MPESA credit.”

(this is a money transfer service form phone to phone)

What do you do to help your father during the school holidays?

“I come here and sell sodas and serve the customers.”

What have you learned from this about business?

“Business creates income to help fight hunger.  I know how to serve customers and how to talk with them well.  When you talk with customers well they will come continuously.”

5) What would you like to be in the future?

“I would like to be a journalist because if you’re a journalist you will travel in almost all parts of the world.”

6) Would you like to continue studying at Ondati Girls?


7) If you could make a few changes what would they be?

“I want to see the beauty salon open.  I want a new dormitory and a canteen.  We would like to have many teachers because those ones are very few.  And cemented floors in the classrooms!”

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