Karibu Kenya

One week down, although so much has happened in this time it feels like much longer.  After a busy few days in Kisumu, trying to stock up on essentials for our new village life, we set off for Ondati.  Elizabeth and Ochieng from Africa Now (a local organisation based in Kisumu) were extremely patient in helping us with all our preparations.  They followed us round for hours at a time whilst we picked up beds, mattresses, sim cards, dried foods, a stove and a long list of other bits we needed to get for our new home.  In fact, we have been overwhelmed with support from various parties since our arrival.  We can’t thank everyone enough for making our move to Kenya so stress free!

After a 5 hour drive, and lots of laughs, we finally reached Ondati.  The staff, at Ondati Secondary School for Girls, were eagerly awaiting our arrival.  We were greeted with smiles, kind words and a huge meal of ugali, boga boga and mayai (the local starch staple with vegetables and egg).   They commented that they were pleased to once again have on the ground support from Teach a Man to Fish.  We’re both really looking forward to getting stuck in and helping to make 2011 a great year in Ondati!..  The pre-existing projects appear to be going well, although there’s a lot of scope for improvement, expansion, and new projects.  We realise it’s going to be challenging, but hopefully once school resumes and the girls and teachers are back from their Easter holiday, we can start to make some positive changes.

The builders are working very hard to get the new house up, work is set to finish in 2 or 3 weeks if all goes according to plan.  Until then, we’ve been given temporary accommodation on the school grounds. Our laptops, Kindles and other gadgets look very out of place in our mud hut! We have also been sharing our lodgings with our new feline friend!  About 10 minutes after we arrived in Ondati a gorgeous little kitten came to greet us at the hut and everyone suggested we keep her.  She’s been great company and entertainment, clambering around on all of our stuff and pawing through the mosquito nets to wake us up in the morning.  A very welcome addition to the TAMTF crew, we hope she’s here to stay…

Ok…that’s all from us for now. Very excited for the next couple of weeks and more blog updates.

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