Case Study: Laurence Kagolo

Laurence Kagolo was employed soon after the St Denis Posho Mill began operation. Previously he had been a student as St Denis until 2006, when it had no library and no science equipment. He completed S3 there, before moving to San Joy SS to complete S4. His favourite subjects at school were commerce, maths and science. His worst subject was fine art. Unusually for a young Ugandan lad, he doesn’t like football!  He loves God and has an ambition to be a priest. Laurence had worked at the Parish while at school and his family live in Makondo, some studying, some working and some getting married.

After completing S4, Laurence was unemployed for 3 months and then got a job in Masaka working as a tax collector. He worked in this role for three years but didn’t like it as people refused to pay and he found it upsetting. In 2010 he finished this job as he believes he was bewitched by local medicine which produced a large lump on his neck that had to be removed. For two years he was unemployed and he was struggling to pay his rent until he was employed at the mill. He likes working at the posho mill as it gives him respect in the community and a regular, decent salary. He enjoys operating the machinery and working with Umar, the manager of the mill who is teaching him a lot about the business. Umar has two assistants - Javira, who he has made Assistant Manager, and Laurence, to whom he has given the role of Head Machine Operator. Laurence wants to save money in the bank to go to the seminary, but is delighted to be gaining experience of operating and running a mill.

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