Bolivia: La Gran Feria de Negocios - Market Day at CEAA.

On Sunday 30th October, the school opened its doors to the people of Tarairi and other nearby communities for the second annual ‘Feria de Negocios’. This was an opportunity to show off the school, the products it produces and the achievements of the pupils. It was also a chance to eat some excellent food, listen to some great music and share experiences with fellow producers.

Preparations started early, with everyone pitching in, to ensure we were ready for the 9am kick off. As the clock ticked past the hour in question, with no sign of anyone, we feared the worst. However, after a nail-biting wait, people slowly began to arrive and soon the school was alive with activity. There were 15 stalls in total, selling all manner of products, including fruit, jams, cheese, biscuits and potted plants. The students had been split into four groups, prior to the feria, and each given a school business to promote. The categories were lechería (milk and milk based products), apicultura (chicken and honey production), citricos (oranges, mandarins and their derivatives) and abono (fertilizer). Each team worked hard to create posters and products to be displayed and sold on the day. Individually, each student also produced a business plan of one of the above categories that they presented, using PowerPoint, to the market-goers. It was a great way for the students to show off the skills they have acquired at the school and encourage sign-ups for next year.

The highlight of the day, for me, had to be experiencing ‘chivo de la cruz’ (a.k.a crucified goat). This method of preparing and cooking ‘el chivo’ is typical to this region of Bolivia. It involves attaching a spread-eagled goat to a metal cross and placing it next to an open fire for 4 - 7 hours (depending on wind speed and direction). This produces deliciously rich and tender meat that was thoroughly enjoyed by everyone.

But as the saying goes, a picture speaks a thousand words, so here are a few for your enjoyment... 


  Examples of the posters and stands, produced by the students, to present the school businesses


                             Students presenting their business plans to a full house.


                                     Some of the particpants.                                                    'Chivo de la Cruz'

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