Bolivia: A Day in the Life of a CEAA student.

We had a very exciting few days last week as a wave of potential new students arrived at the school to take part in ‘taster days’. We invited teenagers from Tarairi and the surrounding communities to visit us and experience a few hours in the life of a CEAA student. This gave us the chance to show off what a great place the school is, the skills our students can learn and to encourage attendance for 2012. 

                                              Potential ‘newbies’ from Tiguipa, Chimeo and Tahiguaty

The day began with a brief introduction to the school, including the aims of CEAA, the concept of a self-sufficient school, the qualifications a CEAA student can receive and the advantages of these credentials. Following this, the visiting students were split into groups to tour, one by one, the school businesses where current students had been posted to give presentations and answer questions. This saw groups of students piling into the chicken coup and avoiding swarms of bees as they got up close and personal with each of the businesses.

                                          Current students introducing our visitors to the school businesses

Once the topics of fertiliser, citrus fruits, dairy production, chickens and beekeeping had been exhausted all the students, both current and potential, headed back into the main classroom for some more intellectual stimulation. Everyone was mixed up into groups of five, with representatives from all schools present, and set the task of creating a business plan. By the end of this session we had plans detailing the production of citrus plants in Tarairi, a beekeeping business in Tiguipa and fertiliser production in Chimeo that all included objectives, financial planning and programs of activities. This was a great way to introduce the visiting students to what they could learn, as current students had the chance to lead the group and show off the business planning skills they have acquired over the course of their education at CEAA. 

                                          Students, current and potential, producing business plans.

After their hard work, students were provided with snacks and refreshments, including milk, fresh from the school's cows. The day ended with a visit to these cows, where everyone had the chance get their hands dirty and give milking a go. Each day, the students left in good spirits and, fingers crossed, these good feelings will be manifested in high attendance figures, come the start of 2012.

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