Pan African Awards Judges Scoresheet

Judges Scoresheet - 1st Pan African Prize for Entrepreneurial Teachers

"Give a man a fish and he will eat for a day. Teach him how to fish and he will eat for a lifetime."
Chinese Proverb

Pan African Prize for Entrepreneurial Teachers - Judges Scoresheet

Entrant Details

Full Name & Title Of Entrant:

Mr Okeke Celestine

Job Title / Position:

Lead Partner

Name of School / Institution:

Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises Advocacy and Suppport Initiative

Type of Institution:

Non-Governmental Organization




Established: December 2014      Annual Income USD:$ 8000       Staff / Volunteers: 3 / 6

Has been scored twice.

Description of Achievements


Origins & Ambitions: Why and how was this education program established? What does it aim to achieve?

A survey conducted by our organisation revealed that 7 out of 10 unemployed graduate in Nigeria still did not consider becoming entrepreneurs as a better alternative to searching for non-existent white collar jobs.

We probed further and it was revealed that the average Nigerian student never gets to learn about entrepreneurship all through his/her years in school, he or she is only taught how to pass examinations and graduate with good grades as a prerequisite to getting good jobs.

We further conducted another survey when it was revealed that over 60% of loan applications supported by business plans submitted by entrepreneurs in Nigeria to commercial banks in consideration for loans and discovered that Nigerian youths are not adequately schooled on the basics of entrepreneurship.

The above factors led us to begin the entrepreneurship education outreach within post-primary educational and tertiary institutions with a view to working with other partners to help the youths learn from an early age, the essentials of entrepreneurs with a view to grooming the next generation of entrepreneurs Nigeria and indeed Africa would be proud of.

Our goals essentially was and still remains to add one school every academic session into the number of schools benefiting from the initiative with a view to equipping youths with the right entrepreneurial mind-set needed to make them great, resounding and successful future entrepreneurs Nigeria and Africa would be proud of.

Your network:

We work with partner youth led organisations across institutions to deliver tailor made entrepreneurship education structured to enable the participants learn how best to become entrepreneurs.

Our partners provide the youths while we structure the most appropriate entrepreneurship education that can help to get them think more of starting and managing micro enterprises of their own.

We also work with public education institutions to develop entrepreneurs clubs and business hubs in the schools; we use the clubs and hubs as a platform to reach out to youths who are taught the essentials of entrepreneurship, business start-up and management and how to identify opportunities within their immediate environments and mobilise resources to meet tap into the opportunities.

We provide the initial funds needed to establish the clubs or hubs as an incentive to get the youths want to participate on the programs and then work with partners to get funding for the business hubs which the youths will manage.

Our goal is to teach you the basics of entrepreneurship and ignite in them a burning passion to become the next generation African entrepreneurs.


How many people have directly benefited from your projects in the last year?


Approximately how many people have benefited from your projects in the wider community in the last year?



Entrepreneurship: How has their work in education demonstrated entrepreneurship & fostered entrepreneurship in others?

We provide learning platforms for youths and young persons to learn the art and science of entrepreneurship via collaborations with partner organisations who help us identify beneficiaries and provide structures with which the learning programs are deployed.

We stand in to bridge the gap between what youths and young learn from formal educational institutions and what they need to know about entrepreneurship, taking them steps further from theory to practice of entrepreneurship and the entrepreneurial mind-set.

We generate income from other activities of our initiative and our private business entities and use same to support the cause of the programs. We not only teach entrepreneurship to the youths and young persons, we also help them identify and mobilise resources with which they can start up business enterprises.

We also encourage their immediate communities (communities here not essentially defined by geographical locations but extending to religious affiliations, academic affiliations etc ) to invest in the youths and young persons via helping them gather resources they need for the chosen and agreed line of business endeavours.

In all, we nurture and help them stand out as entrepreneurs.


Sustainability: How is their education work financially, socially & environmentally sustainable? (Figures should be included where possible)

We presently do not charge the youths/ young persons any fees to participate on the program neither do we solicit for financial contributions from them, rather we mobilise our own resources and those of partners to deliver the programs.

The program will remain sustainable and our major challenge is scaling it to other schools so that the benefits can be felt by more youths and young persons.

We have received inquiry from organizations willing to co-sponsor the program but none yet making any contribution as we insist on determining the structure and delivery method for the entrepreneurship educational programs.

Future Development

Future Development: How would winning an award help to develop your organization or project?

We will be expanding to five other major cities and will establish mobile/web based learning platforms and also engage more volunteer teachers.
The fund will enable us take in more youths/ young persons and broaden the scope of our learning opportunities for the youths and young persons.

Our outreach will be made more enduring and wider and impactful should we receive the grant, we shall also build a website for the project.


Impact: What have been the major educational and economic impacts of their work? (Should include figures as well as qualitative information where possible)

We have helped 120 youths and young person’s start up micro business enterprises in various educational institutions across several states and have also helped over 30 rural dwellers identify viable business opportunities within their given environments and embarking on them.

We have also worked with commercial and micro-finance banks to receive details of entrepreneurs whose loan applications were turned down for reasons ranging from poor written business plans to poor understanding of the dynamics of the business enterprises they venturing into to other reasons, we basically work with the banks and other partners to provide free entrepreneurship education structured to enable the applicants learn the acceptable forms of business planning.

Our work is centred around five major cities; Abuja, Lagos, Enugu, Kano and Calabar and we are working to expand to other major cities.

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