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Your network:Please explain how your program reaches young people and whether you work with partners or government.
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Origins & Ambitions: Describe the reasons for setting up the educational program within your organisation. Why was it created? How was it implemented and what were the goals?
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In order for us to understand the reach of your work we would like you to tell us the number of people who have benefited from your projects in the last year.

How many people have directly benefited from your projects in the last year?

Approximately how many people have benefited from your projects in the wider community in the last year?

Description of Achievements

Please use the following sections to highlight your achievements against the following assessment criteria:
Entrepreneurship: In what ways is your work in the field of education entrepreneurial?
Do you have innovative ways of tackling problems in education? Do you help young people learn entrepreneurship and business skills? Do you have ways of generating your own income? Do you empower future generations of entrepreneurs?
Maximum 1500 characters (approx 250 words)
Sustainability: In what ways in your work in the field of education sustainable?
1. Financially? 2. Socially? Environmentally? (Please give figures where possible)
Maximum 1500 characters (approx 250 words)
Impact: What have been the major educational and economic impacts of your work?
Please give qualitative and quantitative examples of your impact. For example, number of operational areas and how you have impacted the wider community.
Maximum 1500 characters (approx 250 words)

Future Development

Should your organisation win the Pan African Awards, how would you utilise the prize money? What are the plans for the future project and how do these plans affect the growth and sustainability of the project?
Maximum 1500 characters (approx 250 words)

Contact Details of Independent Referee

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