THE SAVILLE FOUNDATION Pan-African Awards for Entrepreneurship in Education

The Pan African Awards for Entrepreneurship                                        in Education 2016 are now closed

                     We are very happy to announce the winners of the Pan African Awards 2016: 

1st prize: FVS-AMADE Burundi 

2nd prize: Friends of Orphans, Uganda 

3rd prize: Camara Education, Tanzania

Future Partner Prize: Junior Achievement Africa 

A huge congratulations to all our winners. More information about them and their amazing projects coming soon. 

About the Awards

The Pan African Awards reward the very best projects which are using enterprise and entrepreneurship to innovate in the field of education. The awards are generously supported by The Saville Foundation, a charitable foundation based in South Africa. Teach A Man To Fish manage the awards using their expertise in enterprise education and highlight inspirational models and projects through their large network of educational organisations and schools. 

What is Entrepreneurship in Education?

Entrepreneurial approaches to education can mean: 
1. Teaching entrepreneurial and workplace skills to young people AND/OR,
2. Using alternative and innovative methods to fund education.

Do you have what it takes?

  • Is your education or training project based in Africa?
  • Does your organisation actively demonstrate the success of their entrepreneurial approach to education? See above for our meaning of 'entrepreneurship in education'.
  • Is your education project innovative and inspiring?
  • Does your organisation have a large network of young people? 
  • Can you show that your project has had a positive impact on young people and your community?

If you answered yes to these questions your organisation could be in with a chance of winning a Pan African Award for Entrepreneurship in Education.

More information

    If you have any questions regarding the competition please read our application pack attached at the bottom of this page or contact us at competitions@teachamantofish.org.uk

    Benefits for winners

    • First prize of $15,000, 2nd and 3rd prizes of $5,000. 
    • A sponsored trip to our international conference.
    • Enhanced visibility and publicity.
    • Enhanced sponsorship and donation opportunities. 
    • A chance to win our 'partner prize' to work with Teach A Man To Fish and the School Enterprise Challenge.

    Application Tips

    1. Make your passion for education and entrepreneurship shine through.
    2. Tell us what makes your project special, different and innovative.
    3. Focus on impact. We want to see that what you are doing really works. 
    4. Bring your application to life with examples - we want to hear about the great changes you are making in your community!
                                   Learning while playing at ImagiNation Afrika’s children’s museum. Country winner from Senegal 2013

    Our Past Winners

    Some Inspiring Words from Previous Awards Winners

    The award has allowed us to expand awareness about our program and assist our students in unprecedented fashion. Since winning the award, it has helped us to new achievements: 

    • Recognition in international and national newspapers 

    • Secured a major partnership with Novare Equity Partners in South Africa (a private equity firm); they are now a major financial supporter, offer internships for our students as well as university bursaries

    • 1 student (Rodger; the lone student in the attached photo) was accepted on a full scholarship to the United World College in Armenia - he will be starting in September

    • 1 student was accepted to the African Leadership Academy in Johannesburg - she was the first student from Mpumalanga province

    • 3 students were accepted to the Yale Young Global Scholars Program in Singapore

    • 2 students were accepted to the Yale Young Global Scholars Program on Yale's campus in the United States

    • 1 student was accepted to a 5-year medical program to become a doctor in Havana, Cuba

    Imagine Scholar, South Africa - 1st Prize Winner 2014


    I sincerely thank Teach A Man To Fish for initiating the award and members of the selection committee for selecting Common Ground for Africa. It is certainly a very proud and humbling experience for me, for my co-workers and team members of Common Ground for Africa. I especially want to thank everyone at Teach A Man To Fish, who always helped and guided us with their knowledge, experience, expertise, and kept us motivated to achieve our goals.              

    Common Ground For Africa, Kenya - Runner-up 2013


    To be awarded this prestigious prize, where we competed amongst hundreds of international projects has been very beneficial to our organisation is to gives staff, donors and beneficiaries great comfort that our project is considered world class and that we have a best practice model which is recognised worldwide.  It has also afforded us the opportunity to network with other international organisations that have the same mission internationally at their annual conference. 

    The Clothing Bank, South Africa – 1st Prize Winner 2012



                                            Club P.A.N.,Winners of the Côte d’Ivoire country prize 2013 in their nature classroom.

    Winning this prize means a lot to us, because we are even more motivated to continue our work. Environmental education is a priority for the conservation of chimpanzees and other wildlife. Attending nature clubs such as Club P.A.N. can foster adolescent consciousness towards nature and the environment. 

    Club P.A.N., Côte d’Ivoire- Country winner 2013


    In addition to the generous financial support, we've received media attention from the prize and more credibility in the field.  Teach a Man to Fish's name is well respected, so receiving an award from them helps give Educate!'s mission and approach greater recognition from partners and foundations in this field. 

    Educate!, Uganda – 1st Prize Winner 2009

    Our Competition Sponsor


    The competition is sponsored by The Saville Foundation-a private foundation committed to enabling significant and relevant social change. To do this, it seeks out and engages with projects or institutions that provide innovative and appropriate alternatives to current challenges in education and community development. 

    The foundation also promote awareness and action on the part of donors, corporate bodies and government to engage and invest with more consciousness, assess each intervention deeply, stay involved to ensure project resilience, and ultimately replicate proven solutions.

    Organisations running creative programs in the education and entrepreneurship field can play a vital role in driving positive social change, yet they rarely receive the recognition they deserve. The SAVILLE FOUNDATION Pan-African Awards for Entrepreneurship in Education represent a small step forward in terms of drawing international attention to their brilliant ideas and achievements.

    For more information on the Saville Foundation visit http://www.tsf.bm/

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