Workshop Time in La Bastilla


Long expected news from our Technical High School in Nicaragua are due. And we are very happy to tell you that the past month has been filled with exciting opportunities to acquire new skills: next to studying for their midterm exams students have participated in a range of workshops, from small, one-day meetings teaching them dining room etiquette to a 4-days artificial insemination course and a 2-days tour guide workshop.

In the two big workshops practice was at least as important as the theory and the school’s approach of ‘Learning by doing’ was wonderfully reflected. Because the students are speaking very highly of what they learned we gladly share it with you:

During two days 25 of our students were based in the Ecolodge, where Freddy and Marlon from one of our partners, Matagalpa Tours, gave them an introduction into the do’s and don’ts of tour guiding.


While on the first morning they still mostly had to sit still, in the afternoon  the whole bunch swarmed out into the beautiful surroundings of the colegio, where the theoretical knowledge from the first part of the course and their already existing knowledge of flora and fauna was complemented with the techniques of leading a group that Freddy showed them.


The next morning meant an early start for all participants – just like real birdwatchers, the tour into the cloud forest  started at 5am, the time when birds are most active.




Full of energy they were even more excited to get an explanation of the species that they weren’t familiar with yet and to get deeper knowledge of the ones they see and hear every day.






Sayma (3rd year student) explains: “It was great! We saw a lot of different birds and even two sloths and they told us a lot about those animals and the plants around. Then we had to lead groups and tell them what we know.”














The course for tour guides will not only be indispensable for giving tours to tourists coming to the Ecolodge (we offer a range of tours, one of them being a bird watching tour – all of the tours are given by students) but also implies some of the core qualities for any adult.













Jarvin (1st year student) says: “Well, they taught us what is most important for being a guide: being responsible, being punctual and being prepared for every eventuality."













A big thank you to Freddy and Marlon, for not only rekindling the students’ passion for nature, but also teaching them life lessons. We can’t wait for the first tours to be happening soon!

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