Welcome to St Denis...

If you travel an hour out of Masaka in South East Uganda, along a dusty road lined with banana plantations, you will find St Denis Senior Secondary School. Situated in Makondo, a rural area of Uganda, St Denis is a school of 250 students and a team of 15 teachers. The majority of families in this area are subsistence farmers living on a very low income.

Taking advantage of all the natural resources they have around them, St Denis is working hard to become the first Self-Sufficient School in Uganda. Being one step ahead of the game, the school already has a banana plantation and 4 cows, which will be the start of the dairy. In developing both these projects, along with 5 others over the next 3 years, St Denis will have the opportunity to become financially Self-Sufficient.

At the moment, the school is supported by American charity Into Your Hands, which provides school fees for some of the poorest students, many of whom are orphans. TAMTF have partnered with IYH to work towards creating a school which no longer has to rely on outside funding, but can generate enough income to cover all their operational costs.

In becoming a Self-Sufficient School, the students will have the opportunity to be involved in all the practical aspects of running the businesses and equip themselves with all important entrepreneurial and agriculture skills to take with them through school and beyond, passing on their expertise along the way.
In class teachers will be able to take advantage of using the businesses for practical activities and examples in the teaching of their subjects.
These teachers mean business! In one of the first meetings I had with them they told me they wanted to be the kind of teachers who can change the future of the children of Uganda. So look out Uganda, St Denis is coming!

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