Uganda: The parents are on board.

The fifth St Denis Business, the Posho (or maize) Mill, is soon to be under way, once fundraising for the electricity permit reaches its target. The poor old mill has been waiting for its electricity connection for some time, after the electricity board demanded 25 million Ugandan shillings (Around £6000) for installation of a transformer. That’s a lot of cash for a remote Ugandan community!


        The mill building and its wiring waiting for connection to the electricity supply.

The parents and community were called upon during a recent visiting day at school to show support for the self-sufficiency project and fundraise for the transformer. Many of the parents understand the concept behind the self-sufficiency project, and are also looking forward to having a maize mill within walking distance of their homes! Individuals made various suggestions for fundraising methods before a vote was taken on which one to implement.


  Students assemble to welcome their parents to visiting day and parents take it in turns to  make fundraising suggestions.

After a long deliberation, the parents, PTA and headmaster decided that every parent donating 20,000 this term and 10,000 next term was the most effective and fastest fundraising method. Many parents donated 20,000 on the day and Betty the school secretary informs me that we’re already over 300,000 shillings.


 The headmaster addresses parents about the importance of supporting the self-sufficiency  project and parents stand to vote in favor of supporting the school shop.

Parents also voted on whether or not to make it compulsory for students to buy their essential items from the school shop, enabling the school to benefit from the profits. All but two voted in favor, so we had better get restocking ready for the new term, thank you parents!

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