Uganda: New Field Officer Fran arrives in Uganda!

In Feburary 2014 Fran Ryan joined Teach A Man To Fish in Uganda, here is her account of her first week working at our partner school Mackay Memorial College

On arriving in Kampala on Sunday afternoon, Jenny, the current Field Officer in Uganda, and two of the teachers from our partner school, Mackay Memorial College, came to meet me at the airport. They took me for traditional fish and chips by Lake Victoria, which was a lovely welcome after a long flight!

After getting settled at the house, I went to Mackay Memorial College where I'll be spending a lot of my time over the next six months. I was introduced to many of the teachers at the school, particularly those that play important roles in the two school businesses. The school has a very friendly atmosphere and has a well-developed campus for the 1,000 students that attend it. One thing that definitely struck me is how well-behaved the students are and how much they love going to school! Currently, after school, the students are attending singing practice for an inter-house music competition, which go on until well into the evening. 

Since I've arrived, there have been a number of developments in the two school businesses which were discussed at the businesses weekly meetings. An exciting development for the Egg Business is that the long-awaited chicken house has just been completed, which means that the teachers will be able to buy the chickens soon. The teachers have also bought materials for the costumes for the Dance Group and a tailor has come in to the school to take the measurements of the students, so that they can have their own costumes.

On Sunday, I saw the Mackay Troupe (the Dance Group) perform at a graduation party.  The student's dancing and singing really impressed me and I'm looking forward to working with them on the business' marketing strategy in the next few weeks.  My first week has been brilliant and I'm enjoying learning more about my new role at Teach a Man to Fish, as well as meeting lots of different people and learning about Ugandan culture and am looking forward to the next stages of the project! 

If you would like to see more photos and videos of the Mackay Troupe - please 'like' their page on Facebook! If you are interested in booking Mackay Troupe - email jenny@teachamantofish.org,uk and we will put you in contact with the Business Manager! 

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