Uganda : Business Planning in Kampala!

After sending representatives to our Uganda workshop series and the Education That Pays for Itself conference in Njombe Tanzania in 2012, Mackay Memorial College entered into a partnership with Teach A Man To Fish to plan and launch two new businesses.

The large  secondary school in Nateete, a suburb of Uganda’s capital Kampala, has over 1200 students aged 11-20, and is part of the government USE (universal secondary education) programme, which means that the students pay very low fees, however it also results in the school receiving very little funding.

Emily during the 'Business Ideas Brainstorm'

Our Programmes & Business Development Manager Emily spent two weeks at Mackay Memorial College delivering business planning workshops. During these workshops the staff completed feasibility s tudies, swot analysis and market research on their business ideas, until they were left with the two strongest business ideas; Egg Production and Cultural Entertainment Services.  After deciding on the two businesses, the staff formed two action groups and allocated roles and tasks.

Jenny, Cathy and Simon working on the budget

The two action groups are now busy doing further budget and market research, as well as designing a marketing and sales plan – to ensure both businesses are profitable and successful!  With support from our Field Officer Jenny, the school will be shortly implementing their Business Plan and launching their businesses!



The most exciting aspect of both businesses is the opportunities they will bring for students to gain practical experience and relevant business skills. The students, like many in Uganda, follow a very academic curriculum, and despite their efforts, often graduate school without the necessary skills to bring in an income. Finding time to run businesses alongside the full government curriculum will be a challenge, but the staff are determined to overcome it to ensure that their students will be able to provide for themselves and their families in the future.




Students rehearse their performances for the Cultural Entertainment Services Business

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