School Enterprise Challenge: A look back at some of the most innovative and successful school businesses of 2013

Registration for School Enterprise Challenge 2014 is now open!

Last year was an amazing year for the School Enterprise Challenge, 1000 schools from 80 countries resistered for the competition. Read on about some of the competition's most innovative and successful businesses and the profits they made for their schools!

There are so many great opportunities for schools to participate in The School Enterprise Challenge. In 2014 there will be more resources, more mini competitions, more mentors, more partnerships!

Register your interest now! http://www.schoolenterprisechallenge.org/

Lycee de Zamengoe in Cameroon set up a business making and selling solar modules for charging mobile phones and lighting units. Lycee de Zamengoe were able to generate the startup capital they needed through making and selling woven baskets.

·     Capital generated over 3 month period

·     Startup capital: $109.30

·     Total income of: $210

·     Net profit of: $70

SN Kansangra School is a private well-resourced school in India. They have set up a very ambitious yearly Diwali market place. The students of Kansangra school donate all their profits to support underprivileged students with equal education opportunities within their school.    

·         Capital generated over 3 days

·         Startup capital: $1066

·         Total income of: $20,310

·         Net profit of: $15,400

 New Horizons in Cameroon have been growing Cassava and processing water fufu and gari from this cassava. This has enabled them to tackle issues of hunger in their community by providing low cost food.

·         Capital generated over 4 month period

·         Startup capital: $ 203.90

·         Total income of $1,287

·         Net profit of $1,215 

Johor Bahru School in Malaysia has created a business to support students staying in their school hostel. Their business is student led providing laundry services, sweets and confectionary, newspaper subscriptions.

·         Capital generated over 2 month period

·         Start-up costs:$7,699

·         Total Income: $10,042.31

·         Net Profit: $3,508

Register your interest here: http://www.schoolenterprisechallenge.org/

So what are you waiting for, spread the word School Enterprise Challenge 2014 is on its way!!!


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