Nicaragua: Final project presentations


As the school year is drawing to an end, the 15 students from 3rd year have now passed the last step on their way to becoming ‘Bachilleres Técnicos en Agropecuaria’*: the presentation of their final projects.

Waiting for the presentations to start


Let me explain how the final project works at La Bastilla: very much in sync with the idea of forming enterprising young people, students have to create an idea for a business and draw up a business plan. The first part of the final grade will be given on the written work, including market research and a budget, the second part consists in the presentation of their projects in front of a jury (formed by teaching staff and once in a while the odd project officer).

To make the location fit the occasion everybody made their way up to the Ecolodge’s events platform which, apart from its beautiful views, comprises all the important gadgets for holding conferences and presentations of any kind.



Dressed like ‘real’ professionals at an appointment with their future financial supporters, the 7 groups had 15 minutes each to present their proposal, followed by 5 minutes each of questions by the jury.


Reaching from chicken farms and pig farms, over an agro-business selling agricultural and veterinary necessities to a bakery and even a barber’s shop, the class of 2012 has demonstrated not only creativity but also a lot of thought and effort. 


For some of students, like Wester and Otto from the agro-business project, the business plan presents an actual plan for their future. Within five year’s time they want to be able to open the business in Wester’s home village, where they could use the family home as a shop. This reflects a very important lesson that the 15 students who are about to graduate have been taught at La Bastilla Technical High School: use whichever resources you have at your disposal.




To finish off the big day, a lovely meal cooked by the Ecolodge team was served and the platform was turned from a presentation room to a dance floor.




A big well done to all of our almost leavers and for those of you readers who are coming to Nicaragua within the next years: you might just walk by a business set up by one of our students!

The class of 2012

*Because of the technical lessons students receive during their time at La Bastilla, this qualification makes it possible for them to enter into the 3rd year of a 5 year Agricultural course at Nicaraguan universities.


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