Nicaragua: Changes in La Bastilla

After our great volunteer blogs, it is now my turn to take over. My name’s Christine, and I have just finished my first month as La Bastilla’s brand new Tourism Officer. My main tasks consist in getting our Ecolodge to realise its full potential and to teach the students the perks of working in the hotel and tourism industry.


New by my side is Escarlet, well known to La Bastilla as she is one of the first students that graduated in 2010; after a two-year degree in the USA she has returned to her ‘homebase’ to become the new manager of La Bastilla Ecolodge. Together with our brilliant team of monitors, we have so far had very good feedback and are hoping to welcome a constantly growing stream of visitors so that students can put their knowledge into practice.

            Foto: Our students serving continental breakfast / Nuestros alumnos sirviendo el desayuno continental

But not only the hotel has seen changes, all of our production areas are growing :

We currently have 9 piglets, and new births are awaited for September and October.


In a record-like construction time of only 22 days, a third chicken coop has been built and is now home to our 1,325 chicks, who need 24hrs light to grow up strong and later on will help double the production of eggs. The construction of a fourth coop is already on its way.













Finally, the students have worked hard to prepare additional areas for the vegetable garden and sow the plants, which will give us even more diverse produce to sell at the local market. The tourism aspect is not forgotten in this area either: the agronomy teacher Don Cesar and third year student Wilmer are planning the construction of an informative ‘agronomy path’ around the new gardens; so watch this space for updates on the project.

Overall, we can be very happy with this month’s development, and hope to attract lots of students for the next academic year. Not long before our academic director Margarita and current students start touring secondary schools to present La Bastilla, we held our first event aimed at student recruitment: the Feria Estudiantil.



The feria didn’t only bring interested students and their families to the school, but also a comparsa (a group of dancers and musicians performing different acts) of 60 persons who brightened up a rainy day with their lovely dance performances.











Somewhat a La Bastilla tradition already, the students set up stalls and sold their homemade food and drinks, provided music and were the stars of the organised football tournament: our very own Real La Bastilla team won both games and have hence filled the glass cabinet with two more trophies.










Yet another reason to be proud of our students… we hope you’re as excited as we are to see what they will be up to in September!

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