India: School Enterprise Workshops at the British Council and Visits to School Enterprise Challenge Schools!

In March, Teach A Man To Fish had the pleasure of working with over 110 inspirational teachers at the British Council’s ‘Enriching Education’ workshop in Trivandrum, Kerala in the South of India. Teachers came from all over the sub-continent to learn about a variety of teaching techniques that would enable them to enhance the curriculum at their school. Topics covered included how to use school enterprises to enhance curriculum, how to fit work on your school enterprise into the school day, how to keep your students motivated, and how to brainstorm business ideas. The workshop took place over three days and all of the teachers participated incredibly enthusiastically and made a variety of very impressive commitments involving establishing a school-based enterprise at their school. We can’t wait to see all of those commitments being put into action!

In addition, a training also took place for a group of 18 ‘Master Trainers’ at the same venue on how to deliver the School Enterprise training in a variety of contexts within India. The Master Trainers were an incredibly talented group of educators and working with them was a very enjoyable experience for their trainer! The Master Trainers will be delivering further trainings on the School Enterprise methodology in the coming months so watch this space for updates on their progress….

Following the trainings, Lindsey, the Programme Development and Learning Manager at Teach A Man To Fish, was lucky enough to visit several of the wonderful schools in New Delhi who took part in the School Enterprise Challenge last year. First was DLF School – Global Prize Winners of the School Enterprise Challenge 2012 – who have been running a highly successful crafts business. Second were Indraprastha School, who have been running a medicinal plants business, growing their plants on their school roof garden, and selling them at school events. Finally, Lindsey visited St Mary’s School who have been running a vermiculture enterprise. How incredible to see the School Enterprise Challenge in action and by such incredibly dedicated staff and students! They are an absolute inspiration to everyone else participating and we are looking forward to seeing their businesses develop even further over the coming months and years. Teach A Man To Fish would like to thank all three schools for their wonderful hospitality and hope to visit them again soon.

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