Global Glimpse Visits La Bastilla

Over the past month, the La Bastilla school and businesses have played host to Global Glimpse; a non-profit organisation that fosters leadership skills in young American students through its unique community service programme in developing countries.  Groups of 20 students visited La Bastilla on 3 separate occasions to participate in Global Glimpse’s “Work Like a Local Day”.  The aim of the  day  was to allow the young Americans to experience what life is like for our students here at La Bastilla, and furthermore, to provide them with an insight into a typical working day for the 2.5 million people living in rural Nicaragua.

So at 5am, I went down to meet our group of somewhat bleary-eyed but, nevertheless, enthusiastic volunteers for the day.  The Global Glimpse group consisted of students, aged 17-18, from different schools from the Bay area of California.  For the majority of the students, this was their first trip outside of the U.S.  In the couple of weeks that they had been in Nicaragua, they had found this to be an eye-opening experience in several ways, from climbing volcanos to spending a day living with people on the poverty line of $1 a day.  Despite being one of the toughest challenges of their lives, all of the students without fail, felt that the trip to date had also been one of their most enriching life experiences.

Once they had arrived at the school grounds, the students were split up between the separate business areas: pig-breeding, dairy-production, egg-production, vegetable gardens and the bakery.  They worked alongside our students, and helped them to complete their respective tasks of cleaning out the pigsty and feeding the pigs cleaning out the cow-shed and herding the cows out to the pasture, gathering and cleaning eggs, preparing the soil for the next crops and baking bread.  


Here is what they had to say about their experience at La Bastilla.

“The students were inspiring and interesting.  I was surprised at how hard they work and also how easy it seems to be for them.  We did many things and the students were always read for anything and to teach us anything.  It was a wonderful and eye-opening experience.” 

“Today we spent the day experiencing what it was like to go to an agricultural school.   It is unique in the way that every kid is treated not as a number, but as an individual.  This school focuses on what the students will gain that will help them positively in life.  Agriculture is a way for these kids to not be in poverty and be educated.  This school is awesome, full of situations that the students can learn through experiences, hands on.  I wish was my school was more like this.”


“It was a new experience working with the students and working in the stable area.  I have never collected eggs, cleaned a cow-shed, or scrubbed off eggs; it was fun and I easily picked up on certain techniques with the guidance of the students.  The students were kind and skilled in what they were doing and they all seem passionate about their work and studies, which is really inspiring to see.  All in all, this experience was a blast, informative, and inspiring for me.”


“Spending the morning working at La Bastilla has been a great experience.  Being able to work with the different animals introduced me to a completely different lifestyle outside of the house.  The landscape was beautiful, and the students were extremely kind and passionate.  The students go through so much hard work, which really brings out their passion and dedication.”  


We were thrilled that the Global Glimpsers had such a great time with us here at La Bastilla, and we look forward to welcoming the new groups next year.


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