Education That Pays For Itself Conference 2012: Only 1 Month Away!

Teach A Man To Fish are very excited to announce that we will be holding our sixth annual conference at our partner school, the Professional College of Njombe in Njombe, Tanzania from 30th October - 1st November 2012. The Professional College of Njombe is currently in its first year of implementing the sustainable education model.

We would like to extend a warm invitation to all of our contacts, and especially those working in education in developing countries. We will hold three days of talks, roundtable discussions, workshops and networking events on the theme of financially self-sufficient schools and the unique opportunities and challenges raised by such a model. Participants will have the chance to present their work at the ‘Ideas Marketplace’, exchange ideas and develop the vision of this innovative approach to education. 

You can find all of the information about the conference as well as online sign-up form at our website: http://www.educationthatpaysforitself.org and please don’t hesitate to contact us with any further queries.

We sincerely hope that you will join us in making Education That Pays For Itself 2012 a great success and we look forward to welcoming you at this event. 

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