Afghanistan: Business Planning and Implementation Training

Teach A Man To Fish are now continuing their partnership with People In Need (PIN) in Afghanistan to support the implementation of 3 businesses at 3 schools in Baghlan, Nanagarhar and Samangen provinces through distance support. We initially supported PIN to develop detailed business plans and budgets for these 3 businesses, through workshop materials, templates and intensive mentoring. The business plans are in the final stages of completion, and now Afghanistan is at the end of winter, the implementation is about to begin.


All schools performed detailed research including resource assessment, market research and budget research before deciding which business would be most feasible for each school. The Samangen and Nanagarhar schools have selected poultry production, with both schools starting with a small number of chicks and increasing to over 2000 chickens after the first few months. Baghlan school has developed a business plan for a dairy, starting with 6 cows. They are currently deciding whether to source their cows from within Afghanistan or from Pakistan.

PIN have been preparing for the business implementation by running record keeping workshops at each school, to ensure that the school staff and students keep accurate financial and production records of the businesses.


Over the next few months, Teach A Man To Fish will be training more Afghani PIN staff on business plan development, as well as supporting the enterprise Field Officer throughout the business implementation period. Teach A Man To Fish is building the capacity of local PIN staff at the same time as supporting particular schools, meaning that PIN can go on to develop businesses in all their partner schools in Afghanistan without additional Teach A Man To Fish support. 

Emily Boothroyd, Programmes and Business Development Manager, Teach A Man To Fish

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