2012 Pan African Awards for Entrepreneurship in Education - Results Announced!

We are very happy to announce the results of the 2012 Pan-African Awards for Entrepreneurship in Education.

This year we are awarding organisations from 33 different countries with a total of $50,000 in prizes. The competition rewards organisations in Africa that are taking an innovative, entrepreneurial and sustainable approach to Education. Over 350 different organisations from across the continent, from Sudan to South Africa, Nigeria to Namibia and Botswana to Burundi, took part in the competition.

The 1st Prize of $10,000 is being awarded to The Clothing Bank, from South Africa for their Enterprise Development Programme that uses excess merchandise from retail outlets in Cape Town to help single mothers start their own retail trading businesses. In less than three years The Clothing Bank has assisted over 250 women whose enterprises have collectively generated over $1 million.

A Runners up Prize of $5000 is been awarded to World Partners for Development from Ghana, who train high school students to manufacture and sell solar lanterns. This enables the students to earn their own income, and it also provides an affordable source of light, which helps students study after dark.

A second Runners up Prize of $5000 is being awarded to Femina from Tanzania, whose reality TV show ‘Ruka Juu’ provides its young audience with the financial education, business knowledge and skills to help them earn an income and make better life choices. Femina also run two magazines and a radio show that feature entrepreneurial themes, inspiring its audience of 11 million to start their own businesses.

A further 30 organisations are each being awarded $1000 as ‘Country Winners’. For further information on winners please click here.

Congratulations to all the Winners! 

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