Nepal: Trout fishing in the Himalayas


We were told it was not possible. Then we were told that it was. Then we were told they could not be sure. After speaking to a senior fish specialist we are now a lot clearer that we still cannot be sure.

The cool conditions of Manang seem to be perfect for Rainbow Trout but a feasibility study would need to be undertaken to confirm whether the fish can survive. Unfortunately for us, we do not have the support of a wealthy Arabian sheik like Ewan McGregor who went Salmon fishing in the Yemen.

Nepal: From an acorn will grow an oak tree

After the last few weeks of trekking the length and breadth of the Manang district we have finally completed our community research. 

Kenya: Internships and Beauty Salon Progress


Great news this month comes from our excellent relationship with Onyani Farm, who have agreed to offer internships at their dairy farm for up to three Form 4 graduates each year. Our girls now have nearly 4 years experience with exotic breeds and hopefully this opportunity with such a respected local institution will greatly enhance their future employability!


Kenya: Larqueen Ocampo

Larqueen milking cow

Larqueen Ocampo is 14 and currently in form 2. This is her first year at Ondati having moved to the area from Mombasa. I first became aware of her during a weekend game of football at Ondati where one of her ‘challenges’ (assault is a more accurate description!) ended my participation early and had me limping around Ondati for weeks after.

Nicky and Steve - great volunteering experience at La Bastilla

Hello there! We are Nicky and Steve and we are students from the USA who are volunteering with La Bastilla in Nicaragua for 4 weeks. We both study Computer Science at university and brought a donation of 7 laptops, in order to help the school here and also to teach the students some useful IT and Computer Science skills.  

Uganda Case Study: Ssebuguzi John Robert

Ssebuguzi John Robert has attended St Denis since S1, and was previously a day scholar walking an hour and a half from his village, Misenyi, to school every day. Now in S4, he began boarding at the start of the school year as he was missing evening study sessions. Robert is not sponsored, and if he can find the money he would like to go on to S5 at a school in Masaka.

Uganda: A New Business Manager

Term 2 began with the appointment of a new Deputy HM – an exciting development for the St Denis businesses as the role includes that of overall Business Manager. Entrepreneurship teacher, Ssemambo Henry, accepted the position and has proven eager to get involved in the businesses and develop them.

Nepal: Namaste from Nepal...

We've now settled in to our Himalayan home and the hard work has begun! Over the last 3 weeks we've been busy gathering market research and discussing the school project.



Kenya: Beauty Salon Crisis!

Mercifully, the Easter Break has finally ended which means there are now people at Ondati who I can talk to, rather than cows.


Case Study: Laurence Kagolo

Laurence Kagolo was employed soon after the St Denis Posho Mill began operation. Previously he had been a student as St Denis until 2006, when it had no library and no science equipment. He completed S3 there, before moving to San Joy SS to complete S4. His favourite subjects at school were commerce, maths and science. His worst subject was fine art. Unusually for a young Ugandan lad, he doesn’t like football!  He loves God and has an ambition to be a priest.

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