Bolivia: A Day in the Life of a CEAA student.

We had a very exciting few days last week as a wave of potential new students arrived at the school to take part in ‘taster days’. We invited teenagers from Tarairi and the surrounding communities to visit us and experience a few hours in the life of a CEAA student. This gave us the chance to show off what a great place the school is, the skills our students can learn and to encourage attendance for 2012. 

Uganda: Useful fun in the classroom.

Aside from the practical angle of running the businesses day to day, students are now taking ‘Business Project Lessons’ once a week. These draw on the Ugandan Entrepreneurship Curriculum, but allow students to get involved in practical classroom activities based on the school businesses that give them real life experience of planning a business. The activities are specifically designed for students without previous knowledge of business and to be as fun and engaging as possible.

Kenya: A personal point of view...

Ben Otieno is the Project Coordinator at Ondati Secondary School and works closely to manage each business by providing labour, handling custom

Bolivia: La Gran Feria de Negocios - Market Day at CEAA.

On Sunday 30th October, the school opened its doors to the people of Tarairi and other nearby communities for the second annual ‘Feria de Negocios’. This was an opportunity to show off the school, the products it produces and the achievements of the pupils. It was also a chance to eat some excellent food, listen to some great music and share experiences with fellow producers.

Uganda: Some valuable visitors.

St Denis has been the lucky host of several visitors over the last couple of months, whose contributions have been extremely valuable to the progression of the Self Sufficiency Project. These have included accountants, volunteers, programme managers and other Teach A Man To Fish staff!

News: Devex Top 40 Recognizes Teach A Man To Fish Managing Director

Britain’s Top “40 Under 40” International Development Leaders Announced

Teach A Man To Fish Managing Director, Nik Kafka, was today announced as part of the Devex Top 40 list of under 40 international development leaders based in London.

Devex, the world’s largest community of relief and development professionals, today announced the top 4

BOLIVIA: How Not to Milk a Cow

Thursday 13th October 2011

My first week in Bolivia has been a whirlwind of activity and new faces, human and animal. Now, as I settle in to the vida tranquilla and slowly begin to find the heat slightly more bearable, I thought an update was in order.

Pan-African Awards 2011 - Deadline Extended to 21st October

EDUCATING AFRICA Pan-African Awards for

Kenya: Meet one of Ondati's students....


Victoria Ouma started as a form 1 student at Ondati Girls in January 2011. She has five siblings at home, who her parents have to pay school fees for. She comes from a town about 2 hours from Ondati, where all the secondary schools charge very high fees that her parents cannot afford. Worried that she would not be able to attend secondary school because of this, she was very relieved when her grandfather found Ondati Girls for her.


Nicaragua: September at La Bastilla

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